mandag 18. mars 2013

Drink and Draw - The Norwegian Division, episode 3

Yes indeed we are back! back in black...or something else that sounds cool!

In this months episode the topic was costumes! We all dressed up in one way or the other for your entertainment and drew things that had to do with costumes!

As usual this video holds some explicit content!
We were also struggling a bit with some speaker feedback of some sort so forgive us for the at times disturbing audio, shit happens when you broadcast things live. It won't happen again, we promise ;)

Enjoy the March episode of Drink and Draw - The Norwegian Division!

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+Anita Olsen +Jea Mikkelsen +Adriane Vinter  +Inna Hansen

søndag 10. februar 2013


Or just HyaFrog for short.

So yeah, this is how my Chimera creature turned out!
He's so cute, I wish he was real so I could carry him around on my shoulder or in my pocket...
He's a blend of Hyena, Triceratops, Penguin and Tree Frog.
Don't ask me how the mating happened, I really don't want those pictures in my head :p

I wonder what we should draw in our next episode...

Anita Olsen Stoebakk

lørdag 9. februar 2013

Goatypillar (Chimera)

My chimera creature thing from last Drink and Draw session!  Chose to do something else than what popped to mind instantly when thinking of a chimera, I went with the tiny and cute(thinking it would become a bit creepy -fail-). Goatypillar, at the length of an avarage human palm! 

 A couple of extra hours on this to finish of where i  left of while streaming.

Hoping the others will leak out their stuff soon :)

fredag 8. februar 2013

Drink and Draw - The Norwegian Division #2

-As promised, a new video from Drink and Draw - The Norwegian Division!

In this episode we tackle the theme of Creatures- Specifically Chimeras! We were all pretty excited about this subject and so you can look forward to some truly funny, awesome and cool illustrations!

Also enjoy todays Fun facts from the video:

-The Chimera was, according to Greek mythology, a monstrous fire-breathing female creature composed of the parts of three animals: a lion, a serpent and a goat. Usually depicted as a lion, with the head of a goat arising from its back, and a tail that ended in a snake's head. The term chimera has come to describe any mythical or fictional animal with parts taken from various animals.

-A tit is also a bird, not just a boob!

- There is a drink called a Mana Potion...we just ivented it!



Drink and Draw - The Norwegian Division #1

Join the delightfully crazy girls of The Norwegian Division as we have some new misadventures into the world of sketching and alcohol!

This episode is our very first one and our aim was to draw beloved children's TV and movie characters as horror inspired characters. Join us and see the madness that ensues!

P.S. This video does contain some explicit content and is not suitable for children!

Hope you guys enjoy this episode!
A new one is on the way, and will be posted soon.

Girls of Drink and Draw - The Norwegian Division

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